Sam Woolf LIVE in 360°

River Spirit Music presents virtual concerts in association with Musae using our new 360°/VR platform. These live events include extra features provided by the artist to make the show an unforgettable experience.

You can view on any device -- phone, tablet, computer, tv -- or if you miss that live feeling of being in the room together and want a new, immersive way to experience performances, Musae can send you a VR headset along with your ticket purchase.

If you’re struggling due to the Coronavirus situation, take advantage of our "Pay What You Can" offer. If you’re able to contribute more, to help someone else pay less, please do!

TICKET / CONTRIBUTION LEVELS $5 — I Just Need to Smile Right Now $15 – Fan of Sam Woolf $25* – Friend of Sam Woolf $50* – Supporter of Sam Woolf $100* – Patron of Sam Woolf *Includes a free VR headset through August 26th.